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Jane Austen Portugal

O Blogue de Portugal dedicado à Escritora

As Mansões de Jane Austen (II)


Longbourn (1995)




Luckington Court foi a aldeia utilizada para filmar o interior e exteriores de Longbourn.


Longbourn (2005)





Groombridge Placefoi a casa utilizada para filmar a casa da família Bennet em 2005 -  Longbourn.

Segundo parece, essa zona é conhecida como Groombridge Place e os seus Jardins e Floresta Encantados.


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Pessoalmente gosto mais da Longbourn de 1995, mais indicada para a situação social dos Bennet

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Que Rainha foi no Passado?


You were Queen Victoria. Ascending to the throne in the tumultuous Industrial Revolution in England, Victoria ruled in a time where progress was at its highest pace. She was the first English monarch to have her picture taken by the revolutionary camera and she strategically married off all of her children and grandchildren to secure alliances within and outside of Europe. She was also a great believer in morality and family and was keen to uphold an image of purity and of a close knit family. When her much loved husband died, she remained in deep mourning for the rest of her life, always wearing black even many years after his death. She was a very stable and sensible woman who went on to become the longest serving ever English monarch and one of the most popular.


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